Published on : 11/15/2018

It is with great pleasure we announce that ICC has approved the 2018 edition of TVS EPL. The approval was granted after EPL forwarded the neccessary documents and the sanctioning fee of USD 20,000. ICC had requested for the submission of the sanctioning fee in advance for the approval and the approval letter arrived after EPL submitted the fees through Nepal Rastra Bank. The total cost with the taxes and the increase in dollar rate for the sanctioning fee has amounted to NRs. 27,50,000. ICC has assured that the money acquired as the sanctioning fee will solely be used in the development of Nepali Cricket. ICC has also forwarded the approval to all its member nations. New ICC regulations require ICC apporval for domestic tournaments in countries where the cricket board is under suspension.

Meanwhile, preparations for TVS EPL 2018 set to begin on 08 December has begun in full swing and EPL is committed to put up an international class event! The ICC approval has given EPL and its stakeholders an additional boost and EPL would take this opportunity to thank ICC for its continued support!

"ICC has granted the approval bearing in mind the unique circumstances that currently exist within Nepal and because the league is in the interests of cricket in Nepal and the Nepalese Players in particular."

- Clive Hitchcock, ICC

"This is great news not just for EPL but also for the millions of fans and we are sure that with the support of ICC, EPL will reach greater heights! EPL would like to thank the fans, players, media and all stakeholders for their continued support. Lets all work on making this tournament grander!"

- Aamir Akhtar, EPL

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