Sanction letter from International Cricket Council (ICC)

EPL becomes the first ICC Sanctioned event in Nepal.


Dec 14, 2017

Dear all,

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the International Cricket Council (ICC) has sanctioned Everest Premier League (EPL) 2017. National and Foreign Players will now be allowed by the ICC to feature in EPL 2017. ICC has also updated all its member nations about EPL’s approval. New ICC regulations require ICC approval for domestic tournaments in countries where the cricket board is under suspension. EPL therefore had to fulfill the ICC requirements and based on the details sent, ICC has approved the event. Mr. Clive Hitchcock, Senior Cricket Operations Manager for ICC on Thursday evening sent EPL the approval via email. EPL will have to pay a sanctioning fee of 20,000US$ to ICC that will be used solely towards the development of cricket in Nepal. The approval is for this year’s event only. ICC has stated that it sanctioned the event after getting satisfying views from relevant stakeholders. This is the first time that any domestic tournament in Nepal has been sanctioned by the ICC. This is great news not just for EPL but also for the millions of fans and we are sure that with the support of ICC, EPL will reach greater heights!

EPL would like to thank the fans, players, media and all stakeholders for their continued support. Lets all work on making this tournament grander!

  • Kind Regards,
  • Aamir Akhtar
  • Managing Director
  • Everest Premier League P. Ltd.

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